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Getting Started with PDDB

PDDB focuses on data used in Prion Disease (PD) research. This site provides tools which allow scientists to analyze, store, and share this data with other scientists.

There are two main ways to access information in PDDB:
  1. Use the Search box in the upper right corner to search for genes.  The results page has a summary of each gene that matched the search term and provides links to pages with more information. It works best to search for identifiers, such as gene symbols (e.g., PRNP)  PDDB does not do full text searching.
  2. Click on a link in the list on the left side of the page (called the "navigation bar").  Most links point to pages that provide access to specific kinds of information.

Getting Started with the Navigation Bar

Getting Started
  • Overview. An overview of PDDB that will help you use the site.
  • Website Tutorial. A brief tutorial on how to use PDDB.
  • FAQ. PDDB Frequently Asked Questions. View the FAQ
Gene expression Brain Histoblots
  • Sagittal Histoblots. Time series of sagittal histoblots.
  • Coronal Histoblots. Time series of coronal histoblots.
  • PD Mart. Query marker and genotype data using positional, genotypic, or subject-related criteria. More Information
  • GBrowse. Genome browser.
  • BLAT Search. Sequence search for locations in the genome.
  • Gene Dossier. Concise table view of a list of genes emphasizing PD-specific data. More Information
  • Connect the Dots. Translator for biological identifiers. More Information
  • Poster Pages. Discussions of scientific topics by PDDB staff in collaboration with contributing scientists. More Information
  • My PDDB. Lists of genes, markers, and candidate regions. More Information
Networks & Pathways
  • Cytoscape. View and analyze protein interaction networks. More Information
  • KEGG Pathways. Lists of genes in KEGG pathways.
  • Neurodegeneration. Slideshow of Neurodegeneration network.
  • Microglial & Astrocyte. Slideshow of Microglial & Astrocyte Activation network.
  • Neuronal Cell Death. Slideshow of Neruronal Cell Death network.

Logging into PDDB

You are welcome to use PDDB without logging in, but certain features will not be available. There is a Log In link in the upper right corner of most PDDB pages, directly below the Search box. Registering for an account is simple and fast.  If you want to use all features of PDDB (except access to private data) without registering, you can login with a guest account. More Information