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Gene Description:   insulin-like growth factor 1; insulin-like growth factor 1 (somatomedin C)
Synonyms:   IGF-I, IGF1A, C730016P09Rik, Igf-1, IGFI, IGF1, Igf1, Igf-I
Orthologs:   Human IGF1, Mouse Igf1, Rat Igf1
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We do not currently have any protein models for IGF1.
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Users should be aware that the scale represents a rank within an experiment rather than a normalized expression signal.
/tmp//atlas-Whole_Brain.png /tmp//atlas-Prefrontal_Cortex.png /tmp//atlas-Parietal_Lobe.png /tmp//atlas-Occipital_Lobe.png /tmp//atlas-Temporal_Lobe.png /tmp//atlas-Cerebellum.png /tmp//atlas-Cerebellar_Peduncles.png /tmp//atlas-Medulla_Oblongata.png /tmp//atlas-Pons.png /tmp//atlas-Cingulate_Cortex.png /tmp//atlas-Caudate_Nucleus.png /tmp//atlas-Globus_Pallidus.png /tmp//atlas-Hypothalamus.png /tmp//atlas-Thalamus.png /tmp//atlas-Subthalamic_Nucleus.png /tmp//atlas-Amygdala.png /tmp//atlas-Olfactory_Bulb.png /tmp//atlas-Spinal_Cord.png /tmp//atlas-Fetal_Brain.png /tmp//atlas-Tonsil.png /tmp//atlas-Appendix.png /tmp//atlas-Lymph_Node.png /tmp//atlas-Smooth_Muscle.png /tmp//atlas-Skeletal_Muscle.png /tmp//atlas-Adrenal_Cortex.png /tmp//atlas-Pituitary.png
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expander KEGG Network: 13
expander Biocarta: 8
expander Reactome: 7
NCI-Nature Pathway Interaction Database: None available
expander Gene Ontology: 64
expander Genetic Association Database: Associated with 39 diseases.
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Prion Disease Gene Publications: 0
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  Human Mouse Rat
Entrez Gene 3479 16000 24482
Unigene Hs.160562 Mm.268521 Rn.6282
Homologene Hs.160562 Mm.268521 Rn.6282
OMIM 147440 N/A N/A
GeneCards IGF1 N/A N/A
Reactome P05019 N/A N/A
Plasma Peptide Atlas ENSP00000302665 N/A N/A
MGI N/A MGI:96432 N/A