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PDDB focuses on data used in Prion Disease (PD) research. This site provides tools which allow scientists to analyze, store, and share this PD data with other scientists. (More)
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Lee SJ, Desplats P, Sigurdson C, Tsigelny I, Masliah E. Nat Rev Neurol. 2010 Oct 12.
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Halfmann R, Lindquist S. Science. 2010 Oct 29;330(6004):629-32.
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Dearmond, SJ and Bajsarowicz, K; Mol Neurodegener. 2010 Jan 21
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PLG - a potential drug target in prion diseases
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GFAP - glial marker
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The Dynamic PrP replication and accumulation network described in A Systems Approach to Prion Disease is shown below as a slide show. The experimental design for this study is explained in the Prion Mouse Model. Hypothetical networks of proteins and metabolites that are potentially involved in PrP replication and accumulation were constructed starting from a list of 333 shared DEGs (differentially expressed genes between prion-infected mouse brains and control brains) and protein-protein interaction/metabolic pathway information from public databases. Relative changes of the transcripts for the corresponding proteins are represented in color changes: red-upregulation, green-downregulation, yellow-no change. Data for the transcriptional changes are from BL6 mice infected with RML prions, at 6 weeks, 10 weeks, 14 weeks, 18 weeks, 20 weeks, and 22 weeks after inoculation. The slide show displays the network at these particular timepoints. See Figure 4 in A Systems Approach to Prion Disease for additional details.

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